Rules Creative Focus Competition 2021

Pukekohe Franklin Camera Club - Rules for Creative Focus Competition 2021.

Creative Focus Competition Rules

The name of the competition shall be the "Creative Focus".

The aim of the competition shall be to encourage the development of creative photography.

The competition shall be open to all PSNZ members, and all photography enthusiasts New Zealand and Internationally.

The competition will be run on behalf of the Pukekohe Franklin Camera Club. A sub-committee of PFCC has been appointed.

All techniques and subject matter are accepted. Camera movement can be used to achieve impressionistic images e.g.Vertical (panning the camera); Horizontal (panning the camera); Circular (rotating the camera); Zoomed (zooming the camera during the exposure); Random (moving the camera in an irregular way). You can also experiment with textured overlays, composite images, Vaseline filters, digital filters eg. Photoshop or other editing programs, and abstract shapes.

The competition will consist of four subjects:

  1. Creative Focus - This is our OPEN Subject, so anything goes. In camera techniques (like slow shutter movement) filters, composite images, abstracts, you name it…go wild!!
  2. Eerie - Strange, Mysterious, Unexpected, Dark ……sends a chill up one’s spine.
    Uncanny, so as to inspire superstitious fear, weird, an eerie midnight howl.
    Dungeons, Castles, Bats, Wolves, Dark clouds…
  3. Manmade - Could include urban landscapes or objects made by humans, as opposed to occurring or being made naturally. Artificial, rather than natural. A very wide open Subject.
  4. Whimsical - playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way.
    "a whimsical sense of humour"
    This subject brings to mind, fairies, flowers, elves, pretty and magical images

The entry fee is $20.00 for the 1st subject and $15.00 for each additional subject. The Catalogue / Book is $48.00 NZ dollars. Australia add $20.00 postage. All others Countries add $40.

All participants will automatically be opted in for a book. You can manually opt out in the competition area. Otherwise you will billed the book fee when you finally submit your images.

Entries are open on the website from 4th June. Entries must be received by the Coordinator by the closing date for the competition. The closing date is 30th June. Results will be emailed by 31st July and prizegiving will be 22nd August. There will be a maximum of 4 entries per subject. The images shall have been exposed by the author. All entries are to be from individuals (2 people can't work on the same entry). Any manipulation of the images should be done by the author or at the specific direction of the author. Composite images must contain the original image of the author. Additional textures and digital techniques may be added to give the desired effect.
Judges will be looking for good camera technique & creative photographic skills. Images created solely by electronic means (e.g. Fractals, etc.) are not eligible for entry. There will be no extension of dates for entries.

Images must be:
saved as a JPEG – SRGB.
An image for judging must be a jpeg file with a maximum width of 1620 pixels, and a maximum height of 1080 pixels.
300 dpi.

Image title / Authors Name / Letters if applicable (compulsory fields).
Make sure your uploaded file name contains ONLY alphanumeric characters (no %^@!& symbols etc.)
Images must have a title – any image named 'No Title' will not be accepted.

The judges for 2021 will be: Jill Jackson, Liz Hardley & Irene Callaghan.

The images will be uploaded to the Creative Focus Coordinator along with: the author's name, image title, Club affiliation (if appropriate) and contact details.
N.B. Check all details after confirmation on your PDF download as these are how your image will be labelled in the book if you are successful – If you need to make changes, please notify us ASAP.

At the closing date, the Coordinator will place the entries received onto digital media and send them to be judged.
The images will be anonymous for judging.
The following overall prize will be awarded: Supreme Award
In addition each subject will be awarded the following: - 1st - Gold - 2nd - Silver - 3rd - Bronze - Honours - Highly commended - Acceptances
The three placing's of each subject will receive a trophy.
At the completion of the judging the image which has received the most points will be the Pukekohe Franklin Camera Club Creative Focus - Competition Supreme Award Winner.

By 31st July, the Coordinator will notify individuals of their results. A list of all successful applicants and the top images will be displayed on the Creative Focus website after the prize giving on 22nd August. The Coordinator will prepare a slideshow of the images from each subject for showing on the website and at clubrooms of the Pukekohe Franklin Camera Club (Pukekohe Arts Centre) on Sunday 22nd August.

The Pukekohe Franklin Camera Club shall be entitled without payment of any fee to the entrants, to display any image entered in this competition: on the PFCC Creative Focus website; or any other website (e.g. Flickr, Facebook) for promotional purposes; or as part of a slideshow at National Convention.
Any images shown on a web site will be resized by the Webmaster to a maximum of 640 pixels on the horizontal side and 640 pixels on the vertical side to deter piracy of member's images.

All personal details we hold in our database are visible to you only in the website, and may be modified by you at will. Copyright to entries remains at all times with you (the entrant). We will not divulge any of your personal details to anyone without your permission. We will use your details ONLY for important communication with you regarding the Pukekohe Franklin Camera Club Creative Focus Competition.

The Coordinator may at his/her discretion disqualify any image for failure to comply with these rules.

Any dispute concerning the interpretation of these rules or the organization of the competition may be referred to the Creative Focus Sub Committee whose decision shall be final and binding.